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Full screen advertising is passé now. Meet friendly advertising from the Open Mobi group!

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I’m sure you remember the full page ads that used to pop up on our screens and obscure the entire page content. Surely this is not a particularly pleasant memory.

Fortunately, some time ago Google’s algorithm started to block this type of ads, so necessarily also advertisers began to resign from it. However, there must be a balance in nature, so something had to appear in place of full page. And indeed, the Open Mobi group has recently launched a new advertising format.

80% of the screen

Friendly Ad, as it was named, will take only 80% of our screens. As the CEO of the group, Marek Naruszewicz, convinces, thanks to this solution, the user will still know what page he is browsing, even before the message is closed

The user experience and intuitive interface have also been taken care of: the classic cross to close pop-ups has been abandoned and replaced with a “go back to the page” button. The button is visible for several seconds (this is how long the advertisement is displayed), and then the whole window closes by itself

The new ad format, for now, applies only to mobile devices. Maybe in some time we will see it also in the desktop version

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