Declining search engine rankings. Why your website is not displayed to customers?

Declining search engine rankings. Why your website is not displayed to customers?
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Declining search engine position of a website is bad news for online store or blog owners. If your website is not displaying to customers, you should promote the site again as soon as possible. See why search engine rankings are dropping.

Search engine position drop – why?

If you have noticed a drop in the search engine position of your website, it is worth checking whether your website has been banned or filtered. This may be a result of using prohibited SEO techniques. It is also possible that the competition uses better keywords, has a more interesting layout or raises more interesting topics. That is why it is worth observing the actions of the competition.

A very important issue is the efficiency of the site. The speed at which it loads is very important. If a user waits a long time for content to be displayed, he may abandon the page and thus increase the number of rejections. This negatively affects the search engine position. Therefore, you should take care to optimize your website to speed up its performance. You should also regularly check whether the server owner cares about the service provided.

It is also possible that changes have been made to the internal structure of links, for example changes to category or subpage names. Another reason may be that the website was made available under a new domain. If there is a bad redirect within the site, the search engine may treat it as duplicate content.

Falling in the search engine may also be due to over-optimization of the site. If the keywords are not related to the general topic of the text and do not have a natural overtone, they may negatively affect the position of the page.

It could also happen that the website has been subjected to hacking activities. The result of this may be that the content visible to the user will be different from that shown in the search engine.

What to do in such a situation?

If the website has quickly lost its high position in Google, it is worth conducting an SEO analysis. This will allow you to determine the cause of the drop in position, as well as give solutions. Actions to help achieve high search engine rankings include:

– internal linking. If the drop in position was caused by changes in internal links, it’s worth restoring their previous form – the one that gave you high search engine position;

– proper redirection. With proper redirection to the website address, we can avoid duplicate content. It also allows people who are interested in a given content to find it quickly, even if the sub-page addresses or the main address have been changed;

– page optimization. Everything that is placed on the website, so both texts and graphics, should be properly optimized. It is worth entrusting this to a specialist who will determine what needs to be changed. Attention to detail will positively influence not only the website positioning but also the users’ opinions;

– regular audits. It is very important to regularly check whether the website is functioning properly. It is worth taking care of the links on the site. If any have been lost, you should check why it happened and if there is a possibility to restore them

SEO analysis should be conducted not only in a situation when the position of the website in a search engine has dropped, but also when we achieve high results. It will allow to check what had positive influence on such situation and strengthen these actions. It is worth entrusting the performance of such an analysis to professionals to make sure that the reasons for the drop in position will be quickly determined.

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