News on Messenger

News on Messenger
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It’s hard to find a company today that hasn’t established a presence on the popular social networking site. Facebook is no longer just entertainment, but also work, which should be as comfortable as possible

Constant changes

Every now and then we come across new updates to the platforms we like. This time Facebook decided to make it easier to navigate through the various messages for those who – in addition to a private account – also have a corporate account. Recently you can freely switch between two mailboxes by clicking on the thumbnail of your profile picture and then choosing which mailbox you want to see at the moment. What does it give?

Convenience of use

All messages will be visible in one place, which will reduce the time customers have to wait for a response and minimize the risk of missing an important message – this is especially important for questions that require an urgent response, such as opening hours, sales or availability of a particular product. Just imagine a hungry customer, who is only a question away from ordering a delicious dinner in our restaurant

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Facebook justified the introduction of the new functionality by saying: “According to our research, more than 90% of Facebook business admins use Messenger to chat with friends and family, and we hear from many people that they don’t want to download and manage multiple apps.” It’s true – having to install yet another program and an extra icon on your phone’s desktop can get annoying, so the big advantage of the update is that it combines two functionalities within one app.

Inbox was initially available for testing in the Messenger app on iOS. Currently, however, it should also be available for Android users.

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