New Messenger features you need to know

New Messenger features you need to know
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A redesigned logo and new Messenger features greeted users this fall. They are part of the process of long-term transformation of the application, which is supposed to enable greater personalization and make it more attractive. What has changed?

What changes have Messenger undergone?

What is noticeable at first glance is the change of color of the application icon. Until recently it was blue, but now it is multicolored. More important changes, however, concern new Messenger features. These include:

  • easier changing of the conversation color, which can be selected among the many available colors – with each conversation we can set a different one,
  • setting of themes, the number of which is going to increase,
  • responding to messages with any emoticon, not just a heart as before,
  • creating rooms,
  • watching videos together,
  • using new stickers, including those created by yourself.

As you can see, Messenger has decided to maximize the personalization of conversations for the personal tastes of users. New solutions, although they seem small, will appeal to everyone who likes to have everything “their own way”.

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