What to build with scattered blocks? The application will suggest

What to build with scattered blocks? The application will suggest
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What to build with scattered LEGO bricks? The Brickit mobile app, which is now conquering the international market brings the fun to the next level.

How does Brickit work?

Scan all the LEGO bricks you own with the app, which will recognize the pieces spread out on the surface. The products will be grouped by size and shape into appropriate folders, and then the system itself will provide you with a list of ideas for creative constructions. Each project comes with a manual that shows you how to assemble the blocks and create something new.

It’s a great tool to give a second life to LEGO bricks that your kids are bored with. The app can suggest a lot of structures to build. In order for Brickit to work properly you need to follow 3 procedures:

  • Remove large blocks, so that they don’t cover smaller pieces;
  • Lay out the blocks side by side on a flat surface;
  • All blocks must be visible in the camera lens.

The app, which can recognize up to 1,500 blocks at a time, uses machine learning and AI. AI makes suggestions for structures you can create with the pieces, while machine learning enables Brickit to recognize individual blocks even better.

At this point, the app is free and available for iOS. It will also be coming to Android software in the fall.

The app can be downloaded here.

source of main picture: pexels.com

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