Test your smartphone’s water resistance without using water

Test your smartphone’s water resistance without using water
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On the market there are newer and newer models of smartphones, which waterproofness is confirmed by many certificates. Often, to check it, you have to immerse the phone in water. Now you just need to install an application that will test the waterproofness of your cell phone – without using water.

Without unnecessary splashing of water

The app to test the water resistance of your smartphone is called Water Resistance Tester and you can download it for Android. The application uses a barometer in your phone, thanks to which you can evaluate the condition of the seals responsible for the water resistance of your device. And what is interesting, you do not need a drop of water to take the measurement. It is the barometric sensor that determines the pressure inside the phone and the app measures the pressure changes.

How does the Water Resistance Tester work?

Place your phone on a flat and hard surface, and then press the screen with your thumb. After a few seconds, you’ll get the pressure measurement result, so you can tell if your phone is still waterproof. The test applies to smartphones with an IP standard or barometer

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