Paying with your palm on Amazon. How it works

Paying with your palm on Amazon. How it works
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Amazon One is another solution turning futuristic visions of screenwriters into reality. Soon we will be able to pay for products in their network stores with a palm scan.

Amazon One, contactless palm scan payment available in the brand’s stores

The undeniable global e-commerce giant has recently presented its proprietary palm recognition technology that will allow us to use our hand, not a credit card, in the company’s retail stores. Amazon One, as the new service is named, uses a scan of the human hand for identification purposes, and in doing so uses a complex combination of details of its surface – lines, ridges or vein patterns

Although for now the developers are limiting the use of this type of payment to Amazon’s branches, they make no secret of their desire to develop it and make it appear in stores and service premises unrelated to the network. Like all innovations of this type, the project raises some controversy, especially from those who are aware of the brand’s questionable ethical practices. However, Amazon assures that it does not store the data collected, and all palm images are encrypted and securely stored.

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