Why shouldn’t you save money on remote working equipment?

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Why shouldn’t you save money on remote working equipment?
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Remote working is nothing new anymore, the whole world has learned to live in unusual conditions and nobody is surprised by year-round home office. Many companies, but also freelancers decide to buy equipment to work from home full time. After all, how much can you strain your eyes on the small matrix of a laptop? The necessary equipment can be expensive, but it is not worth saving on it. Why? – this article is about that.

Quality of equipment = quality of work

With good equipment, you can work comfortably, you feel fatigue later, you have more options, so the service you provide is of higher quality. So if you want to invest in the satisfaction of your customers and the good reputation of your company, do not try to save on the necessary equipment. A good monitor, a mouse that allows you to operate it for 8 hours without hurting your wrists and a chair that cares about your spine are the bare minimum, not to mention a computer that has to be powerful enough to handle the complicated programs you need to work with

How to choose a computer to work at home?

Your home “PC”, which you use every day to play games, watch movies or surf the Internet, may not be enough for work. Even if it has good parameters, you have more important things to store on your hard drive than business programs for home office work. Besides, it’s unprofessional for programs that the company uses to be on employees’ private devices. Computer for a graphic designer must have a powerful processor, a very good graphics card and a large memory. Why these features? The processor must ensure smooth operation of the computer and be able to handle programs for processing and creating graphics. A graphics card will ensure high image quality and give the possibility of creating high quality graphics. Memory, on the other hand, is needed to store projects on disk for very easy and quick access. If a computer is an out-of-budget expense for you, you can invest in a laptop for a graphic designer, but only if you already have a good monitor at home, as a laptop screen cannot provide you with the right image quality to work on your designs

Computer for freelancers

If you have your own business “on the side” in addition to your full-time job and you work as a freelancer, for example, as a photographer or wedding videographer, you need the right equipment for it. Skills are not everything and even the best photo needs some light editing and the video needs to be edited. A computer for video editing also needs to have these features as the one for a graphic designer and this is actually for the same reasons. A large monitor with high resolution is also needed. The PC must support complex photo and video editing programs and store them on disk together with, sometimes very heavy, files with films. In this case, as in the previous ones, the quality of the equipment you purchase directly affects the quality of service you can offer your customers. If you don’t want to lose them or gain a bad reputation, don’t economize on your work equipment or your time by looking for shortcuts

In virtually any industry that can operate remotely, you need professional and quality equipment. A computer or laptop and its accessories such as a monitor, headphones, mouse and chair are essential items to do your job well. Remember, it is the level at which you maintain your services that affects the number and satisfaction of your clients and no amount of advertising and promotion can replace professionalism.

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