Ok, Google! The most interesting features of voice management

Ok, Google! The most interesting features of voice management
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Anyone who has ever had to answer an urgent phone call just after getting out of the shower knows how useful voice management can be. In these situations, a sentence that starts with “Ok, Google!” seems almost like a magic incantation.

However, not everyone knows that this way you can not only pick up the phone or call someone else. Just for those who do not know, we have prepared a short download of what else Google voice assistant offers.

Google Assistant functions

OK Google, send a text message

With this option, you can send a text message or an email without touching. You dictate the text and Google does the rest.

OK Google, show me the recipe for …

This function will bring you closer to the master of Makłowicz himself. Google will not only show you the best recipe for dumplings or lasagne, but will also help you convert units and give you valuable tips.

OK Google, turn on a workout video with Chodakowska

And all excuses from physical activity disappear! Google Assistant is able to launch, for example, the YouTube platform, turn on a relevant video and even track your activity.

OK Google, turn on the music

Maestro, music! Just decide what album you want to listen to and it will come straight from your speakers

OK Google, set your alarm clock to 10

The Google Assistant as your personal secretary that wakes you up at the right time, reminds you of an important meeting or tells you when to take the cake out of the oven

OK Google, set your route

An extremely useful feature for drivers that instantly launches Google Maps and the fastest route to a given location. What is interesting, if you permanently define the address of, for example, your apartment, next time you just ask the Assistant to calculate the route to your home. With the help of voice search you can also ask about the nearby gas station or grocery store

Aplikacja Google Maps w telefonie
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Of course, when it comes to using Google features, you are limited only by your imagination, and with the help of the Assistant you can also check the weather, find any information in the search engine or translate a text from a foreign language. And if you haven’t had a chance to test the voice commands so far, run Google Assistant on your phone, say lumos maxima i… see what happens!

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