Positioning with an agency or on your own?

Positioning with an agency or on your own?
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Positioning is currently the most important tool to fight against the low popularity of a website. This multi-stage and long-term process consists in improving its position in the search results of the leading search engine in the United States – Google. Every website available on the web initially occupies one of the last positions, which do not generate any organic traffic. Positioning and other technical SEO services are about changing this state of affairs. Most entrepreneurs wonder if SEO or UX can be done on their own, without the help of third-party companies such as Seattle SEO services or web development freelancers. Contrary to appearances, most of the activities can be done on your own, but it is not a simple task and it is not certain in its results. 

Advantages cooperation with Seattle SEO services

Positioning of online stores, not without reason, is usually carried out by the best interactive agencies like Seattle SEO services operating in the network, whose primary and undoubted advantage is the long-standing presence in the market and vast knowledge resulting from experience. Seattle SEO services, thanks to hundreds of successful implementations, encourage entrepreneurs with the greatest possible knowledge, thanks to which the technical SEO services itself are implemented quickly and without unnecessary problems. The same can be said about working with the UX. What is more, a large number of employees such as teams of copywriters, programmers and positioners guarantee that all tasks will be performed in accordance with the requirements set by the extremely complex algorithm of the Google search engine. To sum up, the advantages of cooperation with an Seattle SEO services are:

  • extensive experience of the company in the implementation of similar services,
  • wide range of additional services, e.g. implementation of a completely new website and text editing, user experience UX and so on https://www.icea-group.com/ux/,
  • relatively low prices,
  • access to the best specialists in the industry offering complex technical SEO services,
  • assistance at every stage of cooperation.

Independent positioning – is it worth it?

The biggest advantage of positioning on your own are the costs, or rather their total lack. There is no need to hire any specialists, because the whole process is to be done by yourself. However, it is not easy. SEO positioning and appearing in search results involves many individual steps, including those that require extremely specialized and extensive knowledge of programming and market analysis. Not everyone is able to grasp it without enough experience, and the problems that arise from getting each step wrong can be very severe. Many entrepreneurs found out about it on their own example, when the Google search engine excluded a given website from search results. How much does SEO cost? Not much initially, but in the end it may generate very high costs associated with restoring the site in the listings.

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  • Ethan Fload 22.07.2022

    We can position ourselves on our own, however, every time I see this topic, I wonder for what purpose? Nowadays, effective SEO is available on the market off-the-shelf at very affordable prices. Specialists guarantee comprehensive services from A to Z, and the likelihood of not overlooking any of Google’s key factors is almost impossible if we work on our own. Effective SEO is something we all need, and we should take it as seriously as possible. We need to promote our businesses, otherwise our chances of success are really slim. As I mentioned, effective SEO is at our fingertips, the prices are attractive and there is no shortage of teams of specialists to work with, so what to think about any longer? Get to work!