Page positioning and local positioning – what should you know about it?

Page positioning and local positioning – what should you know about it?
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Positioning is one of the most important elements of modern marketing, dedicated mainly to owners of stores and portals operating in the e-commerce industry, but not only. Activities carried out in the process of positioning can also serve their purpose in the case of stationary stores. Local positioning significantly increases the visibility of a website or a stationary point and allows Internet users to easily reach it, thus influencing the amount of profits. Read on to find out more about the requirements for positioning your website and the effects that you can achieve with this process.

Positioning in three steps

Every website at the very beginning of its existence lands on the last places in search results and does not really gain anything – Internet users prefer instant access to information, so they click only on the first few links on the first or second page of results. That is why it is worth changing. Positioning a website consists in optimizing it to meet all the expectations and requirements of Google’s algorithm, which determines the usefulness of a given subpage for a selected key phrase. However, many budding entrepreneurs treat SEO secondarily. This is a mistake; the complexity of SEO complicates the process of working on it so much that without expert support, the results can be disappointing. Agencies such as SEO Portland, San Diego SEO services or Cleveland SEO exist so that our websites can also make a name for themselves. Talking to the webmaster of the Cleveland SEO agency we found out some interesting tidbits. There are three main steps involved in the process.

The first is conducting an SEO audit, which allows you to know the current state of your website and the scope of work that needs to be done. Without an audit, positioning is just wandering in the fog, which is why fewer and fewer companies take action without an SEO audit. All mentioned agencies: SEO Portland, Cleveland SEO and San Diego SEO services will offer you a free audit as a prelude to a far-reaching partnership, why not take advantage ?

The second stage is the on-site activities, which involves implementing all the changes resulting from the audit on the site, including key phrases, page layout and functionality.

 The third stage involves building the largest possible base of backlinks, i.e. backlinks placed on third-party domains – points out link builder of SEO Portland agency.

What is local positioning and how does it differ from standard positioning?

As we know, positioning is designed primarily for website owners who make their profits primarily online, but in practice sometimes local positioning works much better. This type of action is designed for companies whose profit center is located in stationary points, such as stores or services. It is worthwhile to direct all costs and capacities to show your offer to residents of nearby districts or cities. Internet users looking for a specific point in the city or district enter phrases such as:

  • ufo Roosevelt,
  • toy store Seattle,
  • bakery Nashville,
  • gaming computers New York,
  • and so on.

What is important, it is not always necessary to complete the phrase with the name of the city or region. Google algorithm also takes into account the location of the device, so typing the phrase “male barber” you will get results from the city or region closest to you. It is worth having your store or service point in the local results for your industry, only in this way you can increase profits resulting from its operation. The main advantages of local positioning are:

  • higher profits due to greater recognition,
  • greater confidence on the part of the potential customer,
  • possibility of dynamic expansion of the company into other markets,
  • easier contact with contractors,
  • quicker effects of further positioning.

This means that the local positioning is very profitable and effective, and the advantages resulting from its implementation is much more than in the case of other marketing activities, such as sponsored articles, advertising in social media or display advertising.

Get to know business card in Google

A business card in Google is effectively the most important element of effective local SEO, as it increases the visibility of stationary outlets by putting their location on a map. Usually, the map of stationary locations is located at the very top of search results, so it is worth being on it. The effectiveness of positioning depends mainly on the scope of work done and the precision of its implementation. Positioning for Warsaw is very demanding in terms of skills of the positioner or a chosen company, so it is worth choosing an interactive SEO agency such as San Diego SEO services, SEO Portland or Cleveland SEO which have been on the market for many years. The cooperation with this type of agency usually means full success, the client receives a form of guarantee of reliability of this service and has access to its guardian throughout the duration of positioning. However, on the market you can also find freelancers, who carry out the entire positioning on their own, without the involvement of other people and specialists. Although using their services seems to be a reasonable idea, mainly because of the low price, in practice it can be much worse, because one person rarely has so much knowledge on every topic related to positioning.

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  • Max Benson 19.08.2022

    Local SEO can bring many benefits to local businesses. I agree with you that it is important in this case to set up a Google business card.  Effective SEO, however, requires many different actions, so in addition to optimizing business card in Google, we should take care of all the areas you have mentioned. The three basic steps: SEO audit, on-site and off-site actions will certainly facilitate the planning of your SEO activities. Positioning may take a long time, but it is not worth getting discouraged and waiting a bit for the results.