How to Create Content That Ranks High on Google

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How to Create Content That Ranks High on Google
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You’ve created an awesome product, made it available to purchase, and now you’re looking to drive traffic to your site through search engines. How do you do that? You create content! The more useful and relevant your content is, the more likely it will be shared online and ultimately rank high on Google searches for the keywords associated with your product or service. This article discusses how to create content that ranks high on Google.

Write original, long-form articles with quality over quantity

Include original, long-form articles with quality over quantity. You need content that is targeted and original for it to rank high on Google. If you don’t have the time or resources to write, consider outsourcing content creation services or hiring a freelance writer. Even if you do not specialize in a certain topic or industry, there are ways you can research and write about it while adding your spin to make it unique enough for readers to want more of your content from you!

Implement social media sharing buttons at the end of your article

Your article must have social media sharing buttons at the end so people can recommend it to their friends. This also allows people who find your article through Google searches to share it with other readers. Including social media sharing buttons will help you get more engagement on your posts and provide a way for visitors to become your blog followers.

Optimize your images

It’s not just about SEO and keywords. To rank high in Google search results, you need optimized images that are the right size for your content. Your pictures should look like they belong with your content and can create consistency. And you need an eye-catching headline too! In addition, quality blog posts will rank higher than copied or plagiarized ones, so make sure you take the time to write original articles. If you want some more tips on creating great content, get in touch with the Auckland SEO agency.

Don’t ignore video content

If you’re going for SEO, video content is a must. Since videos have a much higher level of engagement than blogs or text posts, your video will also rank higher in SERPs. If you’re just starting with video marketing, knowing where to start can be daunting. The good news is that plenty of free and paid options are available for getting started with video production. YouTube offers an excellent platform for hosting and distributing content. Still, if you want something more tailored and professional, there are many excellent services like Wistia that provide powerful tools for filmmakers who need professional-grade editing software and distribution channels without the hassle of managing the technical aspects yourself.

Listicles are a good way to rank on Google and attract shares

List posts rank high on Google because they are useful to the reader, and most people like sharing them with friends. Creating list posts that answer your readers’ questions will make it easier for them to understand and retain the information and increase traffic. If you’re writing about a topic in-depth, you can find ways to break it down into lists. To stay organized, try using headings or bullet points when listing items, so your post is easy to read and skimmable. 

Link out to other sources

Getting your content ranked high on Google requires a mix of tactics. First, it’s important to ensure you are linking to other sources. This will ensure that your content isn’t penalized for not having links and that you are promoting valuable content. Second, do your keyword research before publishing anything; the better you know what your target audience is looking for, the more likely you’ll be able to rank well with Google. Link-building agencies can help you by finding links to sites with content similar to yours. A link-building agency can also write articles linking to your website or blog post.

Include a CTA (call-to-action) at the end of your article

Include a call-to-action that sets the stage for your blog reader. With a CTA at the end of your post, you are asking for feedback and/or prompting your reader to take some action. A call-to-action is the perfect way to engage your readers and get them excited about what they read. Moreover, it’s an awesome way to grow an email list. A CTA can be as simple as telling people where they can find more information, or it could be a request for people to subscribe or share your content with their friends to see how it affects search engine rankings. It all depends on what you want out of it!

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