Qualifications and skills an accountant should have

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Qualifications and skills an accountant should have
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The position of an accountant is extremely important in any business. After all, he or she is the one who is responsible for keeping all the accounting records. However, to find a position in this profession, you need specific skills. So find out what qualifications a good accountant should have

What exactly does an accountant do?

Let’s start with what an accountant does so specifically, because it’s the duties of this position that dictate what skills are needed. The most important duties of an accountant include controlling the financial statements and overseeing all accounting on an ongoing basis. Thus, it can be said that an accountant deals with all the company’s finances and is also a kind of intermediary in contacts with all fiscal and legal institutions, for example with offices and inspectorates.

However, it is worth remembering that the scope of work in accounting may vary depending on the days of the month and even between different months of the year. Moreover, work in this position can be divided into full and simplified accounting. The former is nothing more than posting on accounts and relying on the provisions of CIT and VAT. Simplified accounting is keeping accounts on the basis of revenue and expense ledger (KPiR) and regulations on PIT and VAT. However, do not forget that in each path of accounting, similar qualifications are needed. What are they?

Qualifications needed to work in accounting

If you dream of working in finance, and more specifically in accounting, it will be necessary to have specific qualifications. Thus, it is important to have a directional secondary or higher education with an accounting profile, as well as an accounting certificate. How does this certification work? It depends on the education. Those with a directional secondary education must document two years of practice and pass an examination by the Minister of Finance. People who have completed studies such as finance and accounting, economics or postgraduate studies with a specialization in accounting can avoid the exam if they pass the three-year practice.

It is also worth remembering that even after certification you may need to upgrade your qualifications. The business market is constantly evolving, and accountants should evolve along with it. This is why accounting training and courses play a big role. They are delivered at different levels of advancement, so both beginners and experienced accountants with years of work experience can benefit from them. Moreover, courses of this type often prepare you to work with many new programs, which is always welcomed in the eyes of an employer.

What qualities and skills does a good accountant have?

Apart from qualifications, the predispositions of a candidate to work in accounting are also important. It is worth bearing in mind that a good accountant not only has a relevant education but is also characterized by analytical thinking skills, reliability, resistance to stress and very good organization. This is because an accountant should be able to manage time wisely, which will allow him to increase the effectiveness of his work. So if these are qualities that you also possess, then working in accounting is definitely a good choice for you.

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