Sell live! How to use Facebook Live to increase profits?

Sell live! How to use Facebook Live to increase profits?
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Facebook made its live streaming service available to all users in 2016. Since then, it has become a powerful marketing tool for interacting with audiences in real time.

According to statistics, broadcasts engage viewers six times more than traditional videos and generate ten times more comments. This alone should convince you that it is worth using Facebook Live in your business strategy. How can you do it?

Facebook Live – how to promote your business?

Promoting and broadcasting live events

Are you organizing an event? Facebook Live is a great way to invite your subscribers to it. Later, you can also broadcast the event itself for those people who, for example, were interested in it, but couldn’t attend.

Showcase your products

Facebook Live will be ideal for promoting products both old and new. You can present live the advantages of your goods, as well as how to use them. The advantage of this is that during the video, viewers can ask questions and get them answered right away. This increases the chances of them making a purchase. In the same way, you can promote services, for example, by showing how a massage session, cleaning the office or preparing rooms for guests.

Conduct interviews

Invite influencers and well-known bloggers or specialists in a specific field to participate in the broadcast. You can talk about issues important to your followers and in this context advertise your product/service as a solution to a problem. The interview can also take the form of a Q&A, in which you ask your guest questions posed by viewers. Both options are a good way to attract interested viewers and expand your reach.

Show the behind-the-scenes of your business

People love videos that show companies “behind the scenes.” Such content seems more authentic and builds a kind of emotional bond between your brand and its viewers. This makes them feel more a part of it and become loyal, and this has a not inconsiderable impact on sales and your profits.

Hold a webinar

Webinars are a great opportunity to build an expert image and share your knowledge with your audience. For example, if you teach and sell web design courses and present yourself as an expert on a free webinar, you increase the chances that your viewers will decide to buy your paid course or commission you to design a website in the future.

Live webcasts – what are the benefits for business?


One of the biggest advantages of Facebook Live is earning the trust and loyalty of viewers (i.e. potential customers). This is the most “human” and direct form of communication with your audience. You won’t achieve that kind of emotional connection through a website, newsletters or even pre-recorded videos. In real time, companies can show a different, more authentic side of themselves, presenting their daily life and behind-the-scenes operations.


Live is a way to generate good ideas in real time. Users, commenting in real time, can give you very interesting feedback. Live video also gets more attention from your audience and encourages them to engage more than any posts.


By hosting broadcasts in which you act as an expert, you build an image of authority in your niche. Your audience is more likely to take advantage of your offerings, recognizing you as an expert and leader in a given topic.

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