Unbreakable Cipher. How to create a strong password?

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Unbreakable Cipher. How to create a strong password?
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Don’t want someone to get into your email inbox? Afraid of a hacker attack on your online bank account? A strong password greatly minimizes this risk. We suggest how to create it.

How to create a strong password?

Automatic prompts displayed on websites are effective, but a simple Password123 is no longer enough !!!. The key to a strong password can be for example inventing your own word or using one that you invented as a child. For “real” words are much more likely to be broken: hacker bots often have dictionaries preloaded in which they look for matching strings of letters. The more random the combination of characters seems, the better

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The second element is numbers. Ideally, there should be a few of them in the password and they should have some meaning for us. Special characters are also a must for any good password: there can be several, but it can also be a single character. The portals themselves help us keep these components, which in most cases require the use of at least one number and a special character in the password created for the account

Finally, it is worth working out a unique formula at the end of each password. In order not to forget which password is from which account, you can create a core from words, numbers, and special characters, and the end sequence can be, for example, the name of the portal, read backwards. For example, this is what a strong Gmail password might look like: moJesLOwo297$$liamG

What to avoid

  • Setting your first name as your password.
  • Setting your or a loved one’s date of birth as a string of digits in the password.
  • Setting the same password for all accounts

Creating an “unbreakable” password is not as difficult a task as it seems. There are also patents for remembering passwords for different portals. If your password is unique and meaningful only to you, the chances of losing access to your account, for example, due to a hacker attack, are greatly reduced

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