Cleaning your laptop yourself. How to do it effectively and safely?

Cleaning your laptop yourself. How to do it effectively and safely?
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A dirty laptop is quite a problem, especially since we are not dealing with a flat surface, but with many parts, such as the keyboard and vents.

All you need is isopropyl alcohol, which is great for this type of operation, or any other liquid for electronic devices (remember that your computer prefers dust more than water), compressed air, a cloth and possibly a thick brush.

Here we go!

The dirt you see on the outside is just a cosmetic issue, thus far easier to remove than the dust or crumbs that accumulate inside your laptop. The inside of the computer is much more important because accumulated dirt can cause the fans to stop, which can end up overheating the computer.

If our computer often shuts down on its own, it is a sign that the cooling system is not working properly. The most common cause for this condition is dust that has gotten inside the case.

Here are some important things you should remember before disassembling your laptop:

  • most important: unplug the computer and remove the batteries,
  • when using compressed air, keep a distance of at least 20cm between container and laptop. Do not put the tube inside the computer, it can damage important components!
  • check during the blowing whether the dust is coming out of the holes around the radiator; stop blowing when nothing is coming out
  • if the inside of your laptop is very dirty, don’t be afraid to use a lot of air. Remember to do it in short bursts and at the right distance;
  • ports should also be blown out with compressed air, mechanical cleaning or wiping with a cloth is not recommended due to the delicate nature of these elements.

To dismantle or not to dismantle?

First of all, remember that reassembling a laptop is much more complicated than reassembling a desktop computer.

If you don’t have experience in this matter or don’t know the exact structure of your device, it’s best to go to a specialist. Especially if you have a laptop which is less than 2 cm thick, because it is an extremely difficult task, not to mention MacBooks which are perfectly protected against self-service attempts by users.

Of course, the Internet is filled with tutorials from which we can learn how to unscrew a laptop on our own. It should be remembered that each model is different and solutions used in one case do not necessarily work in another

Czyszczenie laptopa specjalnym środkiem
(photo: Thana Prasongsin / Moment / Getty Images)

The first step we should take before trying to disassemble it ourselves should be to read the technical documentation. Thanks to this, we will be able to assess how difficult our task may be and, if necessary, abandon it and pass the laptop to a specialist.

We also do not recommend disassembling on your own during the warranty period, because it may invalidate it. Therefore, in this case, let’s follow the contract.

How to clean the keyboard?

If the keyboard is slightly dusty, get a thick brush and wipe it a few times. In case of stains, use a special screen cleaner or isopropyl alcohol to remove them. Remember not to use large amounts of liquid, because it can get into the interior, and do not apply the liquid directly on the keyboard, but on a cloth.

Czyszczenie klawiatury w laptopie
(Photo: Suparat Malipoom / EyeEm / Getty Images)

If our keyboard is very dirty and we want to get rid of the dirt that is deeper, it is worth using compressed air – remember to use the compressor at the right angle, so as not to “push” the dirt even deeper, but to blow it out.

How to clean the screen?

It is enough to wipe the screen with a microfibre cloth sprayed with monitor cleaner. This is not a large expense, and it is certainly worth investing in such a product, as other detergents may damage our screen. In particular, beware of agents containing alcohol

If you do not have a special screen cleaner at hand, use a cloth with a small amount of water. Remember that the screen must remain dry!

How to clean the external casing?

In this case we should also use a special screen cleaner, which will be perfect for all kinds of stains and will not leave streaks. Absolutely avoid detergents such as glass cleaner, as they can cause micro-damage and affect the aesthetics of our equipment.

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