Don’t have time for a meeta? Record a quick briefing!

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Don’t have time for a meeta? Record a quick briefing!
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More than once it probably happened to you that the meet at work was at a time that didn’t quite suit you, or you just didn’t feel up to answering questions from your employer and co-workers. 

With Google Chrome browser plug-ins, you can make your job much easier and record a video at a time that works best for you. How to record a quick tutorial? You will find the most important information with us!

Loom – free recorder and screen capture

With the Google Chrome plugin – Loom, you will be able to record your screen and camera with a single click. What’s more, you’ll be able to share the recorded information with your colleagues in an instant, via a link attached in an email or other message.

Thanks to Loom’s industry-leading screen recording tool, you’ll be able to save not only your voice, image, but also what’s happening on your device’s display, even if it’s a presentation with current guidelines.  

You also don’t have to worry about system stability or data security. Loom is a plug-in that has already been used by more than 14 million people from more than 200,000 enterprises. With its help, they share thoughts and provide asynchronous feedback.

How can you use Loom?

To begin, start by opening the Loom desktop or mobile app. You can also launch the program by clicking on the Chrome extension. Record a video along with a screenshot, and then acquire the link and paste it into a message. 

It is worth knowing that the files that are recorded with the help of the plug-in can be viewed by anyone and without logging in or creating an account. It is enough to have an active link and simply open it.

Loom also allows active interactions. To keep the conversion rate up, use emoji reactions, timestamped comments, and interactive features. With these options, you can keep in touch with your team and solve problems or learn new things.

What can be recorded with the help of Loom?

With the app, you can record the entire screen or only the active browser window. The second option will be particularly attractive for people who at least want to hide the taskbar in the operating system or private information located on the device’s desktop.

Loom allows voice recording. This is simpler because of the option to control the voice – muting or turning it up. The plug-in also includes some additional settings: video source and countdown.

How to share links? Is Loom really free?

Once the material is recorded, you can go to the save tab. This is where you add a title and share it from within Loom itself or by sending a link. The recorded material can also be downloaded to the device’s disk and edited if needed. 

Many people may wonder if Loom is actually free. Sometimes programs have a “free access” package only at the beginning of their use, and later they charge. This is not the case here. The plug-in is completely free.

Is it worth opting for Loom?

The application is easy to use and does not take up much space either, acting as a plug-in in the Google Chrome browser. It allows you to record voice, image or selected parts of the screen. The user is also able to download a file and edit it as desired, and only then send it. Loom is also completely free. All these issues make it worth opting for the plug-in!

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