MX Keys – a wireless keyboard you’ll love

MX Keys – a wireless keyboard you’ll love
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The perfect keyboard doesn’t exist, but apparently Logitech doesn’t know that, because its MX Keys model is not far from perfect. If you’re looking for a low-profile wireless keyboard for your home or office, the Logitech MX Keys will certainly not disappoint you.

Why is the Logitech MX Keys keyboard good?

The new keyboard from Logitech has been carefully thought out. First of all, it is well made. Although the structure is made entirely of plastic (not counting the metal plate inside), it remains rigid, even if you tap your fingers on it with all your might.

The angle and contour of the keys are also ideal. Each key has a peculiar indentation, so your fingers don’t slip while typing. Using the keyboard is therefore very pleasant and efficient. It is also worth mentioning that the keys are extremely quiet, which your household and co-workers will surely appreciate.

Keyboard with backlighting

Most low-profile wireless keyboards, including top-of-the-line ones like Surface and Apple models, are not backlit to extend battery life. The MX Keys’ backlighting, on the other hand, is one of its biggest advantages. What’s more, it’s fully adjustable and automatically turns off when the keyboard is not in use. As soon as you approach the device, a sensor automatically turns on the backlight.

Of course, the backlighting of the keys has an impact on the working time of the device. If you’re counting on a month of use without charging, you’ll be sadly disappointed. However, if you don’t mind plugging in the USB-C cable for an hour every 10-15 days (with use as much as a dozen hours a day), the MX Keys should still be number one on your shopping list.

Multi-platform device

Another huge advantage of the Logitech Master Series products is that they can be connected not only to three computers at once, but also to different platforms via Bluetooth or Unifying transmitter. This doesn’t require any changes in mice, but keyboards are a bit different here – after all, Mac and PC on Windows have different function buttons. Nevertheless, Logitech has a lot of experience in creating cross-platform solutions, for example, the alt and ctrl keys are also labeled opt and cmd.

There is a reasonable amount of space between the keys. Most models have a problem with too much space, so it’s almost impossible to press the right alt key with your right thumb without raising your hand. On MX keyboards, the center space, while not small, is sufficient for the thumb to reach the alt key.

A near-perfect keyboard

There are a few small elements that could be improved in MX Keys to make the device even more comfortable. However, these are not issues that significantly affect the quality of use.

The weakest link in all of the company’s devices is the Logitech Options software, which supports the streaming function, that is, the ability to use peripherals on multiple computers simultaneously. In practice, this function is very selective – sometimes, when a file is transferred, it takes a very long time, and in some situations the device does not respond at all. In addition, the software not infrequently crashes or disconnects completely.

main photo: Camille Rubin

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