Secure your account on Instagram! We suggest how

Secure your account on Instagram! We suggest how
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Instagram is an easy way to share filtered snapshots of life’s most important moments. It also allows simple exchange of messages. Private data, processed on the accounts, is often a greedy morsel for hackers. How to defend against them? We suggest how to do it!

What functions to use?

A number of features have been introduced in the social app to secure your account. Users can use settings to help control privacy and reduce the likelihood that someone will get into their account. From our article, you will learn how to manage the various options to increase the protection of your private data!

Multi-level verification

In a situation where you are particularly worried about someone hacking your account, the solution is two-factor authentication, or two-level 2FA authentication. In a situation where the system sends a request to show a second form of authentication, for example, after entering your password, a hacker will not be able to access your account.

How to use 2FA?

Go to settings, then open the security section. On the fourth field from the top, you should see the Two-Factor Authentication option. After that, you can choose one of two methods: an authentication app (Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator) or an sms code that is sent to a designated number. To use 2FA, you need to configure one of them.

Avoid phishing

Phishing attacks are the practice of people who want to steal private data. They use a technique that involves sending fake messages from addresses that seemingly look like trusted domains or service providers or even friends. This is most often done via email.

Successful phishing ends up obtaining sensitive information such as credit card details, logins or installing fake software. This threat is so common that it’s worth learning how to fight it and not let strangers steal messages about you.

How to check if emails were sent by Instagram?

Instagram makes it easy in this regard to verify which emails actually came from it. To check this, open the settings and go to the security tab. You will see the option “Emails from Instagram.” 

In two sections – security and other, you will see all messages sent from Instagram in the last 14 days regarding security and login. This allows you to reliably verify real and fake emails. Thus, we will protect ourselves from phishing.

Check your login location

To find out if hackers have access to your account, you can check your login location. You need to go to settings, then again to the “security” section, and then the “login activity” option. In the form of a list, all the locations will be shown, as well as the devices from which logins to the account occurred. 

When any of the points raise your doubts, you can log out of specific devices and change the password. This will prevent unauthorized people from accessing your account again. Using all the ways mentioned above – 2FA, protection against Phishing or checking login activity, you can effectively secure your account on Instagram.

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